GIVEAWAY: Win a signed copy of Pivotal Moments!

Would you like a signed paperback copy of Pivotal Moments by Trinity Hanrahan?

Well, look no further…here’s your chance! Just enter the below giveaway for the possibility of winning one of two signed copies!

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4. MAILING NOTICE: notification of shipment will be provided via email.

Please remember that the author has no control over the mail system. Once the prize has been shipped, it is no longer in her control. Therefore, it is asked that the winners exercise patience and allow time for the packages to arrive.

IN ADDITION: while not by any means required, a review on the author’s Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble locations would be greatly appreciated!

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About the author

Trinity lives with her husband and four children in Virginia. She grew up overseas in Turkey and Japan, where her love of reading developed due to a lack of English-speaking television. As her need for written works grew, so did her desire to create worlds for others to enjoy. By the time she was in middle school she had started writing short stories. She endeavors to break the mold where modern stereo-types are concerned and create engaging characters.

When she’s not writing or working, Trinity still enjoys settling down to read book or doing graphic art in her spare time.

18 comments on “GIVEAWAY: Win a signed copy of Pivotal Moments!”

  1. Danielle

    So exciting. I really loved the preview, so I know I’ll read it regardless.

  2. Grace

    This is really great that readers have the chance to enter a contest for a book! It’s a great story and I hope that maybe I have a chance!! πŸ™‚

  3. Margarita

    I hope I get the book because it’s not published in stores in Greece and with the current economy it’s quite difficult to buy one online!
    Thank you for the opportunity, wish you the best!

  4. Alyssa Howitt

    So excited about this contest! Hope I win! Congratulations on getting published!

  5. Charlize Ruiz

    I have been waiting for this day since it was announced! My mom thinks its stupid but I am so excited to have a book to read in my classes that I would enjoy!


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  7. amellia

    Really love the book, read it twice on Wattpad but still want to own a physical copy of this awesome book

  8. Shasta Diggs

    Beautiful Story. Sad that high school girls are pettt and the ones the are insecure and a little thick finally get their prince charming!!

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